As part of the ongoing progressive Badge work, Scouts have the opportunity to work towards the scheme outside of the weekly Troop night. The items below marked with * are required. All others are optional. 

Challenge Award Elements

Skills Challenge

* Physical Activity Diary (WORD)      / Physical Activity Diary (PDF) 

* Diet, Sleep & Drugs (WORD)      /  Diet, Sleep & Drugs (PDF) 

Personal Challenge

In order to complete their personal challenge, a Scout must complete two challenges. One set by themselves and one by the Scout Leader. The challenges should be things that you find difficult but can overcome with some effort and commitment. They can be to do with any part of your life, for example home, school or Scouts.

Once you have chosen your challenge, let Mark know so you can discuss this and agree when it will be completed or if you have successfully completed already.

* Ideas Sheet.pdf

Activity Badges


All Scouts have hobbies of one form or another and this badge can be awarded for each hobby that a Scout is undertaking and has a keen interest in. There are many examples such as Karate, coin collecting, writing, photography, glass blowing, ice skating, juggling, fishing, the list goes on….

If you would like to attain this badge, please talk to Mark and agree how to demonstrate your hobby.

Further information about the badge can be found HERE