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Without your help and support, your Beaver/Cub/Scout would not be enjoying The Scouting Experience with us at 1st Laceby.
No really, without you it just wouldn’t happen. How many times has a leader asked if you could pop along for a short time? or to transport your young person to a camp or activity? or even another parent ask you to transport their young person to and from meetings each week?

We know you have lots to do and never enough time to do it in, so you don’t always get to ask the questions you want or have the time to find the information out for yourself. So here is a section of our website dedicated to you and hopefully answering may of your questions quickly.


Subs are £2 per week.


Well we are a uniformed organisation so we do need our members in uniform! However if your just starting put don’t go and buy one until your child is happy they want to continue in scouting, there are only a few limitations on a scout without a uniform.
Uniforms can usually be bought from any school uniform shop, from the scouting online shop,, amazon, ebay or even from a parent of a scout that has just moved up a group!
more details on uniform can be found on our Uniform page.


Yes we camp, as often as we can. We announce details of camps through the meetings and little more than date will be posted online. General camp info can be found on or camp page.


Parent or helper rotas are vital for scouting to continue. In order to run meetings successfully we need the right numbers of adult to children, both legally and practically. Both Beavers and Cubs currently have parent rotas, which are posted online so that you can keep, track of which weeks your helping with. If you cant make a week we encourage you to try and swap with someone and let the group leader know, or failing that let the group leader know asap. Both the rotas for beavers and cubs can be found under the program for each group:

Where and When

Unless we are going another activity or something special we meet at the Scout Hall:

Scouts – Monday 19:00 – 20:30

Beavers – Tuesday 17:45 – 19:15

Cubs – Thursday 1830 – 20:00

Ask a question?

You can get in touch with us from the contact us page via this website.
Thank You!

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